Wellness Support

Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a history of using herbal remedies for thousands of years. We often times think of our herbs as the Pharmaceuticals of Chinese Medicine. Over the centuries, the practice of herbal medicine therapy has become sophisticated and accepted mainstream. Recently, large amounts of Western medical research had been published of TCM confirming the efficacy of TCM herbs.

Chinese Herbal formulas work best when they are customized to the needs of each individual patient. This takes a trained and experienced herbalist to create a safe and effective herbal formula. At Sage Wellness Center, we are one of the few TCM offices in our area to have a full custom herbal pharmacy and licensed herbalists to create custom blends. These herbal formulas are made in a powder form, that is added to hot water, and consumed as a tea. For those seeking a more “on the go” way of taking Chinese Medical Herbs, we also offer premade herbal tinctures and pills.

Wellness Support

Health Supplements

Did you know all supplements are not regulated by FDA? This means the manufacturers can be labeled and make claims without any testing to insure quality, strength or safety. At Sage, we provide only the highest quality supplements that are referred to as “Pharmaceutical Grade". Our Pharmaceutical Grade supplements are lab tested and guaranteed to be safe and effective. Our team is able to assess your lab results, nutritional information and health goals to select effective supplements that will support your health goals.


Incorporating Diet and Nutrition is a vital part of anyones health and wellness regime. Selecting proper foods can strengthen your constitution and harmonize imbalances. Diet and nutrition can be a very powerful form of medicine in itself. We regularly review and suggest ideas of recipes, foods and drinks that can be therapeutic. This has been shown to accelerate healing and improve overall quality of life.


Chi Nei Tsang is a vital practice developed by Taoist Sages to enhance female fertility. This practice was used by monks in China to help detoxify and strengthen their immune system in order to maintain high levels of energy. Our Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massages work to transform internal organ energy. This massage can help break up stagnation in your stomach, improve elimination, and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Chi Nei Tsang can also help with chronic back and shoulder pain related to misalignments of the feet, legs and pelvis. According to the Chi Nei Tsang Institute, Chi Nei Tsang does not attempt to treat symptoms or cure illness; rather it is a system designed to precipitate change by bringing awareness to the internal organs of the body, thus inducing the body to heal. In that way, there is no condition of the person, whether manifested physically, emotionally, or spiritually that is not addressed by Chi Nei Tsang.

Chi Nei Tsang is found to specifically benefit those struggling with:

  • Fertility challenges.
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Autoimmune disorders.
  • Nervous disorders like anxiety and depression.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Musculoskeletal problems.
  • Injury or trauma, including obstetrical and surgical trauma.

Chi Nei Tsang sessions are offered only as a $90 half-hour add-on service to your acupuncture session.

$90 half-hour Chi Nei Tsang as an “Add-On” service to Acupuncture session