The accredited specialists at Sage address signs of aging through time-tested Chinese acupuncture techniques. Our Facial Acupuncture treatments are designed to promote the natural rejuvenation of your skin by stimulating protein production and restoring the balance of your energy. Sage Wellness Center is the premier place for healing and relaxation. Whether you actively enjoy acupuncture or are a newcomer to Eastern Medicine, Sage is here to accommodate your skincare needs.

Areas That Can be Treated With Facial Acupuncture

facial acupuncture

What Is Facial Acupuncture?

Facial acupuncture, sometimes referred to as “cosmetic acupuncture,” is a beauty-focused treatment that involves the insertion of thin needles into the face. These needles are placed strategically to stimulate collagen production, improve skin quality, help heal acne and scarring, and restore youthful energy flow. A typical facial acupuncture treatment involves not just needles in the face but also balancing points for the body. The needles are left in your skin for about 20-30 minutes.

The entire treatment process is carried out with expert precision. Sage acupuncturists are all licensed and have multiple advanced certifications. This accreditation makes them experts in their field. When you visit our center, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your soothing facial rejuvenation experience.

facial acupuncture

Facts About Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is a painless method of reducing the signs of aging by inserting tiny needles into the skin to stimulate the creation of new collagen and elastin fibres. This practice dates back to 770 – 221 BC and has since been perfected through the use of contemporary medical techniques.

Facial acupuncture is a safer alternative to surgery and other cosmetic injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. It carries virtually no risk of complications and naturally helps skin look younger, feel smoother, and grow healthier over time. The best part is that facial acupuncture not only addresses signs of aging, but also the overall health of your skin.

Unlike Botox or dermal fillers, facial acupuncture isn’t a quick fix. This is a comprehensive, focused treatment that creates long-term changes in the health of your skin and body. Typically, optimal results from this specialized treatment can be seen 8-12 weeks after your session.

Benefits of Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture not only improves your energy flow, but also provides the following rejuvenation benefits:

  • Decreased hyperpigmentation
  • Improved facial elasticity
  • Increased water and oil levels in the skin
  • Prevent skin photoaging
  • Reduced acne and acne scarring
  • Reduced eye wrinkles
  • Reduced pores
  • Reduced smile wrinkles
  • Tightener skin
  • Enhanced overall facial rejuvenation

More Information

This treatment is only available at our Half Moon Bay – Dandelion location.

If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure, feel free to view our facial acupuncture brochure.

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