Can you imagine a work place where your mental and physical health was top priority? Even better… if your employer brought top notch wellness care direct to your work place? A new trend is starting and employers are realizing the power of offering corporate wellness as an employee benefit, and the results are amazing.

According to Forbes, a recent report produced by The RAND Corporation found that over 80% of companies in the US offered some sort of corporate wellness program. That’s no surprise considering that good employers recognize employee health and happiness as the two keys to long-term business success.

Indeed, giving the gift of well-being and self-care to employees has a huge “trickle-down” effect. It builds motivation, improves focus, and secures overall happiness. In the long haul, happier employees equal bigger profits and greater company growth. It is estimated that for every $1 spent on employee wellness initiatives, $3 is saved in healthcare premiums and $2 in employee absenteeism, representing a 500% ROI. Corporate Wellness programs are the ideal win-win situation for both employers and employees!

Benefits to Employers

  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Decreased rates of workplace illness
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Enhanced employee recruitment and retention
  • Improved employee relations and morale
  • Happier employees with less pain and stress
  • Reduction of repetitive strain injuries
  • Stronger progressive company profile

Benefits to Employees

  • Reduction in sick days and doctor visits
  • Increased productivity, mental clarity, and focus
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Decreased in illnesses
  • Better circulation, less injury and tension
  • Less stress, mood swings, and fatigue
  • Better overall quality of life
  • Easy health program accessibility

Decreasing health care costs while increasing productivity, preventing illnesses, and reducing workplace stress are all excellent benefits when offering wellness services to your business location, corporate facility, or private event. Be the change and support optimal quality of life in the workplace. The payoffs are huge in so many ways, strengthening strong morale, health and success for all.


Interested in getting started? We can design a program specific to your needs. First step is a 20 minute phone consult to discuss plan details. Please fill out the Wellness Project Consult Form and submit back to us before we can schedule the call. Once we receive and review this form we will contact you to schedule.

After the initial consult call, we then can tailor a detailed plan. We can work on hourly, half day or full day project schedule, which will be pre-established in an agreed project overview. We can do onsite, or often times accommodate in our facility. Hourly rates generally are $200-$350 an hour dependent on project details. Day/week/project rates are customized, dependent on details of pre-arranged agreements.

“We have a small property management group in Silicon Valley. We recently used Sage for a Wellness Appreciation day for our employees. Living in such a stressful part of the Bay Area can be challenging. We wanted to make sure our employees felt valued and appreciated. I didn’t know much about acupuncture so when our office manager initially mentioned this idea I was a bit skeptical. I was intrigued and we decided to move forward planning a very special day of restoration and therapeutic healing. Yvette did an incredible job staging one of our conference rooms like a Zen Acupuncture Spa! The positive feedback and benefits were incredible. We now do quarterly events with Sage and it has completely transformed our office space and morale of the company”

– TH


Yvette Dellanini Ward, founder of Sage Wellness Center, has been a practitioner of Holistic Health Care and Mind-Body Medicine since 1991. A licensed acupuncturistherbalist, and primary health care physician, Yvette is now proud to offer her 20+ years of healthcare expertise to businesses interested in starting their own on-site Corporate Wellness programs.

woman in green shirt corporate wellness


A long time provider of wellness, Yvette Dellanini Ward is excited to extend her exclusive Corporate Business Consulting to employers interested in launching their own on-site wellness services or facilities. Whether you’re interested in establishing an on-site Corporate Wellness Clinic, Medical Spa, Wellness Center, or Acupuncture Practice, Yvette is here to assist you. Her services can help you create a comfortable and healthy workplace environment. She offers support in all (or specific ) stages of program development and practice management including hiring, HIPPA, training, marketing, accounting, and more.


Yvette’s extensive knowledge of Alternative Medicine, including but not limited to Acupuncture and Herbs, as well as her medical experience, make her exceptionally qualified to educate others. She is available for both Campus and Corporate lectures. To Yvette, educating future generations in developing healthy choices is essential for their growth. Her presentations on Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Pain Management, Fertility, and Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals work to provide children and adults with the tools they need to maximizing their quality of life.


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