Sage takes the health of your children seriously. Over the course of our 20-year history, we have perfected the techniques of pediatric acupuncture to help children while maintaining a comfortable, stress-free environment. When creating a treatment plan, our philosophy is that every child is unique and deserves an equally unique approach to their health care. We do our best to focus on understanding your child’s health condition and creating an individual program that addresses the underlying cause of their symptoms.


We can customize our treatment plan to what is comfortable for both you and your child. We have special needles for pediatric acupuncture (that we call “taps”), which are so fine kids usually barely feel them! We also have non-needle options such as laser or electric stimulation tools. Non-needle techniques have a similar therapeutic effect to acupuncture and can be equally effectively. We find that in most cases, once we build trust and rapport with a child they will eventually try acupuncture.


Currently we are not accepting patients under the age of 8 years old.

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This is similar to an adult intake session and treatment. Most kids this age are very comfortable with “tap” needles and enjoy the full 30-minute rest time with the needles inserted. Sometimes we may incorporate other modalities such as cups, lasers, and electric stim into the treatment course. The focus of these sessions is not only to address your child’s current health conditions, but to also establish a healthy rhythm for your child’s body and energy system. This is typically when hormonal shifts begin to occur and can be a huge adjustment for the meridian system and begin to show in emotional and physical symptoms.

We work together to develop a healthy diet, lifestyle, and stress coping techniques to help your child. We have found this allows children to be empowered by taking control and accountability for health. It also sets a strong foundation for long-term wellness and understanding of self-health care.


Eastern Medicine has been shown to provide children with a number of health benefits, these include:

  • Strengthening immune system.
  • Alleviating digestive issues such as constipation, loose bowels, and IBS.
  • Treating sinus infections and headaches.
  • Providing allergy, cold, and congestion relief.
  • Improving ear infections, ear pain, and clogged ears.
  • Improving bronchitis, asthma, and cough symptoms.
  • Alleviating pain caused by growing, sports injuries, broken bones, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Providing relief for stress, anxiety, and sleep issues.
  • Establish a strong balanced hormonal system.
  • Enhance sports performance and prevent long term, chronic injuries.


If visiting our Dandelion center is difficult due to distance, we can offer a “distance consultation” over the phone. During this appointment we will do a very thorough intake and get all the information needed to create a treatment protocol for your child. Discussing their health concerns will help us determine the root cause of your child’s issue and help you develop a custom healing program.

“Distance consultations” are only provided by our pediatric acupuncture team, limited to availability, and usually need to be booked several weeks in advance. This can be an option for children under 8 years old, please mention when booking the age of the patient.

Please call us for more information on the distance consult schedule.


Contact the Sage Wellness Center today to experience true relaxation and the highest grade of wellness care.
Please call (650) 343-7899 to schedule your complimentary acupuncture consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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