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Eastern Traditions with Western Science

Explore the full potential of Eastern Medicine with Sage and discover the healing benefits of true balance. Your wellness is one consultation away.



Sage’s accredited team of Eastern Medicine practitioners welcomes you to experience your body’s full healing potential. With years of experience and expertise, our team unlocks the healing power of acupuncture blending precision and relaxation. Restore your bodys ability to thrive and experience the feeling of optimal harmony at Sage Wellness Center.


Looking for a spa-like healing experience with a medical focus? Over our 20+ year run, Sage has developed a reputation as the premiere Eastern Medicine center with a Western twist. More than just a health provider, Sage is your guide to total body synchrony and holistic wellness. Immerse yourself in the comfort and balance the flow of your “Qi”.

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“The entire team at Sage is amazing and anyone would be lucky to be under their care!”
- DD
fertility acupuncture


At Sage we have perfected the use of acupuncture to support optimal fertility. Our philosophy is “to grow a healthy crop one must prepare the soil”. We blend East and West approaches to support you every step of the way. Our techniques are designed to maximize optimal physical and mental health through conception and pregnancy. Sessions are tailored for those trying to conceive naturally or undergoing assisted fertility treatments such as IUI or IVF.


At Sage we feel Pregnancy is an exciting miracle that should be celebrated. Research has shown Pregnancy Acupuncture can be an effective tool to assist implantation, support early pregnancy, treat breech, and assist with labor preparation and delivery. A visit to Sage can support and harmonize each phase of pregnancy and promote a joyful birth experience.



At Sage, the physical and mental health of your family is our top priority. Chinese Medicine protocols for Pediatrics has been use for thousands of years. We understand the importance of supporting this critical time of development, which leads to a healthy future in adulthood. In addition to acupuncture we offer lifestyle support and offer non-needle alternatives which can be equally effective. Book a complimentary consult to learn more.



At Sage our commitment is to your serenity and longevity. We support our patients in all areas that will affect their wellness. We are lucky to have an onsite herbal pharmacy where we formulate herbal medicinals on a case by case basis. We provide pharmaceutical grade supplements, diet, nutrition and lifestyle support. We have established a strong network with local doctors and health centers for supportive treatment protocols.



At Sage, our accredited acupuncturists take a diverse approach to improving muscle behavior. Give your body a chance to relax by letting us improve your function through our unique combination of Chinese Medicine and contemporary orthopedic practices.


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