Working on fertility and prenatal health is what we do best at Sage Wellness.

For over two decades we fine-tuned our care to support our patients in their incredible journey towards parenthood. However sometimes this road can be a bit bumpy… filled with challenges, questions and possibly disappointment. We don’t want you to suffer through this time, we want you to bloom and manifest into the goddess you are!

This should feel like a time of empowerment and self-discovery, and we are here to bring you to that magical place.

We realize each case is complicated with their own intricate story. We know it can be overwhelming to self-advocate and make decisions around what will be best for your fertility health. We now have offerings to provide you with one-on-one care, via telemedicine or phone, to discuss your case in great detail.

Fertility Case Counseling

This session allows you to ask an experienced fertility expert all the questions you may have. We can review your fertility history and discuss what may be best next steps. We will have time to review your labs, nutrition and lifestyle. We will cover the topics most important for you and provide you will a plan of action moving forward. This can be done as a New Patient intake, or as a one-time, informative case review. No acupuncture provided.

  • One on one Telemedicine or Phone Call to review your case, goals and concerns
  • Review of Fertility and menstrual history, western diagnosis and any labs
  • Review of current Nutrition, Supplements and Preferences
  • Detailed Treatment Plan for Follow up Sessions at Sage and referals
  • Recommendations for supplements, herbs and lifestyle

ADD ON OPTION – Fertility Nutrition and Meal Plan Customized

  • Customized Meal Plan to your dietary restrictions and needs
  • Beautiful recipes for all the meals, includes 3 meals and snacks
  • Easy reference shopping list
  • Other handouts specific to your case, nutrition and health goals

 “Intensive Optimizing Your Fertility” Program – 6 weeks

Full Assessment, Analysis and Treatment Plan with Naturopathic Doctor ND

Customized Naturopathy, Functional Medicine and Nutrition Program

We realize every road to a baby is a unique one and deserves a customized personal plan! Hence, we have created a program that is meant to tailor to your individual needs and preferences. Our goal is to help you transform into your most healthy version so you maximize your chance of having a healthy baby. Whether you have had fertility challenges or just starting to try to conceive, this program is for you.

What makes this program one of a kind is that you receive customized meal plans designed specifically for you to support your unique constitution, clinical and dietary needs. These meal plans integrate both Western and Chinese Medicine nutritional principles. In addition, you will receive 1:1 naturopathic and functional medicine care from our wonderful Dr. Lin Dan Zhu ND, LAc, Dipl. OM, access to high quality impactful educational webinars, empowering tools, and guidance throughout the program to help you succeed.

  • Initial 90 min assessment (includes consult, review of lab results, personalized plan & recommendations)
  • Three 45 min return visit
  • Weekly customized meal plans with recipes and grocery lists to boost fertility and support fetal health
  • Accountability sheets and receive feedback
  • Guides and handouts
  • Daily email reminders with action steps and tips
  • 6 Week Access to over 10 hours of video/audio webinars and mindful trainings

Topics include:

  • Covid Support Before Conception and During Pregnancy
  • 10 Common Causes of Fertility and How to Address Them from an Integrated Naturopathic & Functional & Chinese Medicine Approach
  • Gut Health and Fertility
  • Preconception Health: 10 Things You Can Do Today to Get Ready
  • Don’t Forget the Guy: Male Infertility
  • Thyroid Health and Fertility
  • Balance Your Hormones with Food as Medicine
  • Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Exposures and Strategies to Reduce Them
  • Detox Liver Naturally
  • Blood Sugar and Fertility
  • Heart-Centered Healing
  • Work with a supportive and caring licensed naturopathic and functional medicine doctor and acupuncturist to get to the root cause of infertility and to address it at the most foundational level
  • Improve your internal environment and egg or sperm health with nutrition, stress management strategies, and key supplements
  • Boost fertility and support pregnancy with delicious healthy meal plans using Western and Chinese nutrition principles and customized to your unique needs and preferences
  • Decrease stress and stay heart-centered through your fertility/pregnancy journey with mindful trainings
  • Transform yourself inside out to improve your chance of having the healthiest baby


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