Sage Wellness Center is where healing meets relaxation. Whether you actively enjoy acupuncture or are a newcomer to Eastern Medicine, Sage is here to accommodate you. Our center has been providing Eastern medical services with a Western twist for over 20 years.


We are happy to celebrate 20 years of providing top notch wellness care.

When you visit our location, you will experience a soothing shift in energy. Our centers were created to help your body regain its natural balance, therefore our atmosphere is always attuned to promote ease and comfort. While other acupuncturists offer simple, ten-minute sessions, our accredited staff goes above and beyond to meet both your medical and spiritual needs. Each visit to Sage is accompanied by a detailed initial intake, an acupuncture session, herbal recommendations, and diet/lifestyle suggestions. More than just a service provider, Sage is your guide to total body synchrony and prolonged wellness. Immerse yourself in the comfort of traditional Eastern Medicine today with Sage.


Over its 20-year run, Sage has been the subject of praise in numerous publications, news articles, websites, and TV shows.

Sage has been listed as a multi-year finalist in the Bay Area A-List CityVoter’s Best Acupuncture Practices Guide.

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