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Nutritional Supplements

Health Supplements

At Sage, we do our best to research top quality supplements which will achieve result quickly. In addition to our custom herbal pharmacy, we provide nutritional supplements for all your health needs.

Below you will find a link to our distributor Emerson Ecologics. We have arranged for our patients to order directly from them, and to receive a special discount on purchases. Simply following the link below and enter the appropriate access code:

Emerson Ecologics
Access Code: health

Emerson has our preferred supplement list of the products we commonly recommend for our patients. You may review this list and order your supplements which will be shipped directly to you. You can also search their entire inventory for any other health supplements. This is an excellent way to get all your health needs met, at discount. They even have a children’s and veterinary health supplement line! (An average savings of 10-15% on Sage retail prices.)