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Sage Wellness is five stars on yelp!

We have a five star rating on yelp.
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Testimonials: Fertility

M.C. (age 38 at time of treatments)
“After enduring two years of fertility treatments, medication, fertility shots and a failed IVF procedure, my husband and I became tired, frustrated and had decided to give up on conceiving. It was our fertility doctor who recommended that I should at least continue with acupuncture treatments and referred us to Yvette Dellanini, a respected acupuncturist who had knowledge of women’s wellness and fertility. I was a bit hesitant and very skeptical at first, since I had experienced past unsuccessful and unpleasant acupuncture treatments from several other acupuncturists. However, being that Yvette came so highly recommended I decided to give her a try. After meeting with Yvette, I immediately felt comfortable with her and with her painless method of treatment. I also enjoyed the warm and relaxing atmosphere of the Sage Wellness Center. After only two months of receiving acupuncture treatments from Yvette, I learned I was pregnant! My husband and I were both surprised and overjoyed. We couldn’t believe it was true and we are sure it would not of have happened without Yvette’s help and expertise. Thank you Yvette!”

K.W. (age 42 at time of treatment)
“I wanted to thank Yvette for the 10 months of exellent care. Using acupuncture and herbs she helped me successfully get pregnant. During my pregnancy she helped with the nausea and fatigue, as well as help to prevent miscarriage since I had suffered from three previously. I have raved about Yvette to all my friends and co-workers. I know of several patients that I have referred to Yvette that are very happy with her services. She is truly a talented acupuncturist.”

M.C.L. (age 42 at time of treatments)
“Yvette Dellanini and the Sage Wellness Center combine the best of traditional Chinese Medicine and Western holistic medicine. The center has the ambiance found in small spas; calming, relaxing, with soothing music. It is a warm environment, especially for clients new to acupuncture, who might be a little unsure. I went for fertility assistance. I had been to traditional Chinese acupuncturist for my first child and preferred Yvette at Sage for my second child. I found the environment more inviting and her traditional approach enhanced by more modern Western methods quite effective. As a result, I have a beautiful daughter. Another aspect of Yvette’s care I really appreciated was that she gave me options to enhance the care she was giving me with herbal supplements. Previously, I had never had the option of capsulated herbs compared to steeped teas which can be quite fragrant and not always pleasantly so. All in all Sage Wellness Center and Yvette Dellanini provide a very pleasant experience with excellent results. Forever a grateful patient.”

P.D. (age 41 at time of treatment)
“Sage provides comprehensive care. Upon each visit, one’s wellbeing is thoroughly assessed. The optimal treatment is then provided to address the specific needs of the client at the particular time. I used Sage’s services in connection with fertility treatments. Sage utilized specific techniques to try to enhance what was needed at every stage of the fertility process. It was extremely helpful.”

N.C. (age 42 at time of treatment)
“Yvette is a wonderful, warm and caring person. Sage Wellness Center is a reflection of Yvette. It is a peaceful, relaxing and welcoming environment. I have been a client since 2003. I started seeing Yvette because I had fertility issues and in September of 2004, my son was born. At the age of 42, after trying for 3 years, he was conceived naturally and I truly believe that Yvette helped tremendously through her skills as an acupuncturist. I would highly recommend Yvette. She works within your constraints, and she is great about making suggestions, but not at all pushy. Most importantly, she is a highly skilled acupuncturist. I always feel refreshed after her sessions because I have experienced  a state of deep relaxation. Yvette, thanks for all you have done for me!”

A.H. (age 39 at time of treatment)
“As I struggled with infertility treatments, my doctor suggested that I look into acupuncture for a way to reduce my stress and to support my system as I went through my procedures.  After many weeks of searching for the right person, I was recommended to go see Yvette Dellanini by a coworker of mine. The moment I walked into Sage Wellness Center I felt like I had entered a Day Spa. It was a very calming environment and I could feel the stress going away. I felt that Yvette really listened to me and wanted to work with me and my doctor (which was important to me) to help me achieve a successful pregnancy.  I have been having treatments for over a year now and feel that I have definitely reduced my stress and helped my uterine lining through accupuncture. I highly recommend Yvette and the staff at Sage Wellness Center!”

Testimonials: Other


“I was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2001. I was referred to Yvette Dellanini, acupuncturist, exactly one week later after diagnosis. Yvette did an assessment, and prescribed a course of treatment to keep my immune system strong. In 2004, I was required to complete 6 months of chemotherapy, because my white blood count had reached a dangerous level. Yvette and I decided that during chemotherapy, treatment would be every week until the chemo was completed. It’s 2006 and I am in total remission! I attribute my turn around to my medical doctor, and Yvette Dellanini, who kept me strong during this most difficult time. I did not experience any sickness during my chemo treatments, and I know it was because of acupuncture and Yvette’s expertise in this area. My wife, two sons, 4 grandsons, and I, thank you Yvette, for taking such good care of me.”

“I have been going to Sage Wellness Center since they opened several years a go. I have never had any physical problems but simply go to stay balanced and experience a high level of wellness. The monthly acupuncture I received from Yvette has kept me in excellent health. I have always believed in prevention of disease and going to Yvette once a month along with leading a healthy lifestyle has kept me at a high level of wellness. Yvette is a true healer in every sense of the word. I look forward to my visits and thoroughly enjoy the wonderful soothing environment that Sage Wellness Center offers. If I am feeling out of balance or low in energy the treatment will give me the boost I need. I always feel very relaxed afterwards. It simply has become a vital part of my health regime.”

“I am a firm believer in taking responsibility in our own health care by means of prevention. With that said, I have been seeing Yvette for my acupuncture/herbal care for seven years to keep me in balance. A trip to see Yvette is a blend between going to the spa & going to the doctors. Yvette is so comforting & knowledgeable in her field. I am always impressed by her! I have received treatment for everything from Candida & urinary tract issues, to exhaustion and physical pain in my hands & arms to low energy. I take the tea/herbs as she instructs me to do. Now, as soon as I feel little “off” I make a visit to Yvette. I am certain that she has played a major role in my over all health & well being. I don’t get sick! I work hard & play hard and love to travel yet I am able to maintain a very healthy body. Love the cupping for the tension I carry in my neck & upper back! It works so well! ”

“I first started seeing Yvette in 2003 for severe migraines that were debilitating. I could not work and would be confined to a dark room. Sometimes the migraines would last days at a time. Out of desperation I made an appointment with Yvette who came highly recommended by a friend. I was very skeptical and a little frightened of the needles. I was pleasantly surprised by the soothing environment at Sage and Yvettes’ professional and thorough session. Within 3 sessions my migraines were gone. We continued weekly sessions for another month or so to “reinforce” the progress we had made. Eventually I stopped regular treatments, however I now make appointments as soon as any ailments start to arise. I am a true believer and living proof that acupuncture works!”

“Acupuncture has literally changed my life. I used to suffer from migraines on a regular basis, and I tried everything my doctor recommended to eradicate them, to no avail. When my migraines started occurring as often as twice per week, I finally decided to try acupuncture. Within a few months, I no longer experienced any migraines at all. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried acupuncture sooner! I highly recommend Sage Wellness Center, and in fact I often do, to anyone interested in receiving acupuncture treatment. Yvette is insightful and experienced professional, and her treatments are both thorough and effective. I firmly believe that regular acupuncture sessions are an integral part of maintaining a healthy balance for my body.”