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Community Acupuncture


This treatment is only available at our Half Moon Bay – Dadelion location.

Sundays are Community Acupuncture Day at Dandelion Family Wellness
Sliding Scale Fees: $30-$60
By Appointment Only

What is community style acupuncture?

Traditionally community style acupuncture was created to offer acupuncture at a lower cost. Typically it is done in a large open space where several people are receiving a session at the same time. At Dandelion our floor plan allows us to have you in a semi-private, or private area.

Who is welcomed?

Although we do love family wellness care we request only adults come to the Community Acupuncture. We ask for quiet voices, no small children and all electrical technology turned off.

What are the sessions like?

The intake and treatment is shorter than a typical acupuncture and you will keep your clothes on. We ask you to choose one of the listed areas of focus below, and if you are hoping to work on something else, be very brief and specific with the description.

Areas of focus are:

What is the cost?

We have established a sliding fee of $30-60 dependent on your financial ability.
Regular office rates are $95-185 so it’s a huge savings!

Can I get cupping?

A separate session for cupping can be booked for the fee of $30. This appointment must be booked in advance and separate from an acupuncture session. Please make note, you may have dark circles on the skin after the session.

Can I get a full, regular style body session, on Community acupuncture day?

Unfortunate no. We have the clinic setup the entire day for the community style approach.

What can I do to prepare for the visit?

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment to fill out paperwork. It’s essential you wear loose clothes that are easily moved, and shoes that are easy to remove. Please have your cell phone turned off and be ready to relax.

What to know